The most out of your sexual sessions

Did you cum is probably one of the questions that most ladies hate after a session of passionate sex. Sadly, most women never reach the big “O” which can be frustrating. Some women also believe in the myth that they cannot climax for one reason or the other. The truth is, all women have the potential of enjoying a happy ending after sexual intercourse, and they can last up to twenty seconds some studies reveal. Additionally, ladies can enjoy multiple climaxes during one session. It is a fantastic feeling that women should experience every occasionally. If you are having trouble getting the most out of your sexual sessions the tips below might help you. According to North London escorts of

Stop Faking It

With immediate effect, stop lying that you got there if you want to experience an orgasm finally. For more enjoyable sex, there is no need to pretend that you like something in bed that does not excite you. If you continue faking it, your partner will continue to do all the things that he does wrong which will keep lessening the joy on your end. Let him know when something feels right by engaging in clear body language or speaking up. The same should apply when he is “wasting” his time, but be polite, so that he changes things up for the better.

Focus on Clitoris Stimulation

Intense stimulation of the clitoris is likely to lead to powerful orgasm within no time. The clit is highly sensitive and features numerous nerve endings. Worth noting is that there are as many nerve endings in a man’s penis as there are on the tip of the clitoris. Pressing or touching a lady’s clitoris indirectly or directly increasing a woman’s chance of orgasming. You can guide your partner through this during foreplay or the act so that he can press all the points you like in the frequency and motion that makes you go wild.

Spice Things Up

If you are only used to a particular style or position in bed, it is time to switch things up to enjoy your happy endings. Try as many positions as possible, something that can make sex fun and you can also discover the ones that make you tick. Never rush into things as foreplay can also help to set the mood right during the times when you feel like you do not want intercourse immediately. If your partner is into it, oral sex can also help you achieve intense orgasms as it has a direct focus on the clitoris making the whole experience highly pleasurable.

Relax and Get into It

While you are having sex, it is not the time to think whether you will have an orgasm or any other thoughts for the matter. Your head and clitoris need to be in the game 100% where you can focus on pleasure and probably enjoy an explosive orgasm that will leave you happy for days.


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