I did not know how to react when my daughter told me she was pregnant

She is only seventeen years of age, and it’s too soon for her to experience pregnancy. I wanted to find the boy that is responsible and beat him up severely. But my daughter would not give me a name. I was very angry at myself and father for letting this happen. I felt like I failed her as a father. I am not going to lie its very humiliating to me. I do not know what to do. I told my daughter that she should have an abortion, but she said me she does not want to go through with it. I said some of my family to help me out with this matter because I do not know how to handle my situation with my daughter. According to Enfield escorts of https://charlotteaction.org/enfield-escorts. I had so many hopes and dreamed for my angel, and now it’s all ruined by a boy. My family told me that I should not put all the blame on the boy that got my daughter pregnant because they said my hate would consume me. I was discouraged and down. The fact that my daughter is pregnant at such a young age is killing me. I decided to tell my daughter to forget about the boy and learn to pay for the consequences. My daughter did not put up a fight with me because I believe she does not love the boy at all. I want to report the boy to the police for rape but I could not because he is a minor. I do not have a wife to share my problems because I was already divorced with her a long time ago. Our marriage did not work because her mom cheated on me with another guy she knew from work. She abandoned our family a long time ago. All I can do know is support my daughter and help her get through it. I know that getting pregnant is a tough time for her as well. Even though I was still angry at my daughter, I did not let her know what I am feeling deep down inside. I want her to get through this difficult times in her life. I promised myself that I would take care of my grandchild and my daughter. They are the only family I have left, and if I lose them, I do not have anything left. Another people that helped me through this trials was Enfield escorts. I told Enfield escorts what I am going through and they were very kind to me. I found in Enfield escorts what I needed the most, the comfort of a woman.

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