You don’t need to be alone

I want you to know that you don’t need to go home on your own tonight. In my opinion, there is nothing as horrible as to having to go home on your own in the evening. I have done it a few times myself, and I will admit that I don’t like it all. When I finish the day at Holborn escorts of, I would rather go home with someone than to go home on my own. Sometimes, finding that special someone to go home with, can make all of the difference.


Last night, I was just getting ready to go home from Holborn escorts, when a gentleman phoned me up. He had just arrived in town and found himself feeling terribly lonely. Needless to say, I completely understood. I know what a horrible lonely place London can be when you don’t have a companion to keep you company. It could be that you are totally new to London and its many pleasures. In that case, it is always best to find yourself a companion.


Anyway, I slipped my glass slippers back on and sneaked out the door to aid this gentleman in distress. He did indeed sound desperate and lonely. During our little chat, he told me that his body was aching after a long flight and a massage was just what he needed. I brought my best essential oils with me, so that I could help him to relax. I suppose that any girl at Holborn escorts would have done the same thing, but I wanted to make his night special.


My fine gentleman was indeed in a sorry state. His muscles were all tight, and it took some serious kneading to help in relax. Finally, I could feel him let go under my expert touch, and I allowed him to experience this little bit of nirvana before I joined him. We were exhausted by the impact of the experience, and I was glad that he had called Holborn escorts. After all, we both needed the release the experience had given us. It was a wonderful few minutes and as I stood up to go, I noticed that my gent was fast asleep. Or at least so I thought at the time, but maybe things were not as they seemed.


At the end of the night, I did pack my things up and went home on my own. My feet ached from a long day’s work with Holborn escorts, but the rest of my body was satisfied. I took a soothing shower, and I stood there, I thought that I felt someone’s hands on me. Had he followed me? Slowly I felt myself getting aroused, and as a pair of gentle fingers slipped into my kitty, I felt the need to bend forward and allow him in. I am not sure who I allowed in that night, but one thing was for certain. Somebody had come home with me just so I did not have to go home alone that night.

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